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Crushing and Non crushing Forceps

Crushing and non crushing forceps

Crushing and non crushing forceps are shown. Read More »

Bone Nibbler

Bone nibbler

Bone nibbler is shown. Read More »

Deaver’s Retractor

Deaver's retractor

Deaver’s retractor is used to retract viscera e.g. spleen liver, to avoid visceral crush injury. Read More »

Bake’s Dilator

Bake's dilator

Bake’s Dilator is used to explore common bile duct, assess size of duodenal papilla and used in sphincterotomy. Read More »

Desjardin’s Choledocholithotomy Forceps

Desjardin's Choledocholithotomy forceps

Desjardin’s Choledocholithotomy Forceps is used for bile duct stone removal. Read More »

Crush Forceps

Crush forceps

Crush forceps is used in intestinal surgeries. Read More »

Rampley’s Sponge Holding Forceps

Sponge holding forceps

Rampley’s Sponge Holding forceps is used for cleaning operating field, swabbing cavity and packing. Read More »

O’ Shungesi Forceps

O' Shungesi Forceps

O’shungesi Forceps is shown. Read More »

Bebcock Forceps

Bebcock Forceps

Bebcock forceps is used to hold soft tissue and to hold gut wall in colostomy/gastrostomy.   Read More »

Allis Forceps

Allis forceps

Allis forceps is used for the purpose of traction i.e. holding skin, fascia, rectus sheath. It is also used to ... Read More »

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