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Vas Dafferens Histology

Vas dafferens has pseudostratified epithelium with stereocilia present as well. Three layers of smooth muscles are present which include the ... Read More »

Epididymus Histology

Epididymus has pseudostratified columnar epithelium. Cilia and microvilli are also present. Connective tissue and smooth muscles are visible¬† as well. ... Read More »

Urinary Bladder Histology

Urinary bladder is lined by transitional epithelium. It has three layers; mucosa, muscularis and serosa/adventitia. [smooth=id:48;] Want a clearer concept, ... Read More »

Ureter Histology

Ureter has a typical star shaped histology. It is lined by transitional epithelium. Mucosa, musularis and serosa/adventitia are the three ... Read More »

Kidney Histology

The functional unit of kidney is nephron. The cortex contains convulated tubules along with renal corpuscles. The medulla contains the ... Read More »

Thyroid Histology

Thyroid is responsible for the secretion of thyroxine and tri-iodo-thyronine. It contains simple cuboidal epithelium. [smooth=id:22;] Read More »

Pancreas Histology

Pancreas have Islets of Langerhans which are clearly visible under light microscope. The lumen is lined by tall columnar cells. ... Read More »

Gall Bladder Histology

Gall bladder has tall columnar or cuboidal epithelium. Microvilli are present on the apical surfaces. [smooth=id:28;] Browse all images on ... Read More »

Liver Histology

Liver has a characteristic hexagonal arrangement of hepatic lobules. Portal triads consisting of bile duct, hepatic artery and portal vein ... Read More »

Anal Canal Histology

Anal canal has the anal columns. Small mucosal folds between the anal columns form the pectinate line. Crypts disappear below ... Read More »

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