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Vein Histology

Vein has endothelium and a thin subendothelial layer with smooth muscle cells among the connective tissue elements. Internal elastic membrane ... Read More »

Artery, Vein and Nerve

Arteries, veins and nerves are also found together, as shown below. [smooth=id:58;] Want a clearer concept, also see Aorta Artery ... Read More »

Larynx Histology

Larynx has the vocal folds, which are lined by stratified squamous epithelium and contain the muscles and ligaments. A set ... Read More »

Trachea Histology

Trachea is lined by respiratory epithelium. The lamina propria consists of loose connective tissue with many elastic fibres. Muco-serous glands ... Read More »

Lung Histology

In the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles, alveolar ducts, alveolar sacs and alveoli are visible. [smooth=id:44;] Want a clearer concept, also see ... Read More »

Uterus Histology

Uterus has three layers; mucosa, fibromuscular layer and serosa. Endometrium is lined by simple columnar epithelium. Mucosa invaginates to form ... Read More »

Uterine Tubes Histology

Uterine tubes, fallopin tubes or oviduct has three layers; mucosa, muscularis and serosa. Ciliated cells and peg cells are also ... Read More »

Testes Histology

Seminiferous tubules are present in testes. The germ cells are surrounded by Sertoli cells. Cells of Leydig are visible between ... Read More »

Seminal Vesicle Histology

The epithelium of seminal vesicle is variable, appearing columnar or pseudostratified columnar. Lamina propria is thin and loose while muscularis ... Read More »

Prostate Histology

Prostate has tubuloalveolar glands having¬† pseudostratified columnar epithelium. The gland is embedded in a fibromuscular stroma, which consists of smooth ... Read More »

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