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Spleen Histology

Spleen has red and white pulp. The central artery is visible under light microscope. Trabeculae are also seen. [smooth=id:62;] Want ... Read More »

Pharyngeal Tonsils Histology

Fissures are visible in the pharyngeal tonsils. They are lined by pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium. [smooth=id:61;] Want a clearer concept, ... Read More »

Nerve Histology

Nerve is easily identified by the perineurium, which is visible. A bundle of axons is also present. [smooth=id:33;] Want a ... Read More »

Spinal Cord Histology

Spinal cord consists of an inner grey matter and an outer white matter. It has a butterfly shaped grey matter. ... Read More »

Sensory Ganglia Histology

Sensory ganglia have the cell bodies arranged at periphery. They consist of pseudo unipolar neurons. [smooth=id:32;] Want a clearer concept, ... Read More »

Autonomic Ganglia Histology

Autonomic ganglia have the cell bodies dispersed. Satellite cells cover the multipolar neurons. [smooth=id:31;] Want a clearer concept, also see ... Read More »

Cerebellum Histology

Cerebellum is made up of three layers of cells. Purkinje cells are visible under the light microscope. [smooth=id:29;] Want a ... Read More »

Cerebrum Histology

Cerebrum is made up of six layers. It contains the pyramidal cells, which are easily visible under light microscope. [smooth=id:30;] ... Read More »

Aorta Histology

Aorta has connective tissue and smooth muscle present in the intima. Tunica media is thickest of the three layers. Tunica ... Read More »

Artery Histology

Aorta has a well developed tunica media, less developed tunica adventitia. The internal elastic lamina is also visible. [smooth=id:56;] Want ... Read More »

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